line-separator-shadowProtect your liquor license and establishment from fines or revocation, by using Our ID Scanners! Why not give your Club, Bar, Liquor or Tobacco license a guarantee with the only ID scanning system that also takes an automatic photo of the entrant and the front of their ID for complete protection. Our ID Scanners are law enforcement compliant with our unique SIGNATURE CAPTURE!!

Checks for underage, banned, shared, and tampered with IDs all within 1/4 second.

Our ID Scanners are ABC/LCB and Law Enforcement endorsed.

Our ID Card Scanners can Scan Drivers Licenses from our United States of America as well as several countries around the globe! Our ID Scanners extract the information from the drivers license and transports the information of ID Cards into a database for alert notification, storing or later review. Get that extra needed protection with The IDetect Shared Ban Cloud which will prevent undesirable patrons that were banned from other clubs from entering your facility. Be part of the IDetect Shared Ban service and get unlimited support for free!!

When you swipe a drivers license or identification card, you will be told immediately if this person is the proper age to buy tobacco, alcohol or other reason you might need to know their age. This eliminates the need for someone to physically examine the (id) identification card and makes it easy for you to grant access to patrons of proper age.

ID Scanner equipment can be obtained by IDetect corporation. It is no more difficult to use an ID Scanner than a device that scans a credit card, so you can start using the ID scanner age verification system in your business immediately.

IDetect, Inc. first began in the night club industry in 1995 when there was an immediate need for mailing list automation. Subsequent to fulfilling this need we learned that along the process we were fulfilling another urgent need: Identification Verification and Entrance Security. After a few additions and modifications, it became evident just how successful our technology had become for ID Scanning and Identification Verification. Not only did our client's liability insurance decrease, but perpetrators of crimes were being apprehended by law enforcement with the assistance of utilizing IDetect ID Scanner Systems.

IDetect ID Scanners are tough and low cost for mobile corporate, universities, id scanners for bars, nightclubs and independent businesses and corporations. We release our new age verification id scanner which is low in cost, rugged and easy to use. Our id scanners with state of the art technology include wall mount id scanners, drivers license id scanners, id scanners for bars, age verification id scanners, fake id scanners, and several id scanner systems. Our handheld id scanner is the back bone of the new lite id scanner system. our id scanners validation systems have been successfully utilized for more than 15 years in night clubs, universities, casinos, military bases, office buildings, rental car agencies, festivals, banks, and liquor stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

IDetect Age Verification ID Scanners full functionality have assisted in apprehending five separate perpetrators of various crimes throughout North America by utilizing our exclusive entrant picture feature. Automatically upon an identification scan, the entrant picture is automatically taken and saved with entry information. The picture is clear, exact, and can be used to locate any individual in seconds.

IDetect exclusive License picture function also takes a picture of an id that is not able to be scanned. It is fast, accurate, and protects the user from fines, and liquor license and tobacco license revocation. This feature, coupled with the automatic picture of the entrant, and the id scanner time and date stamp entry history feature, is a strong defense and proof of diligence against fines and state authority investigations. Our drivers license id scanners also flag an id card that is fake, tampered with, shared with another entrant, or banned for any reason, all in less than a second. We offer ID Scanners for Bars and Clubs.

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