Admission-Fee-TrackingIDetect ID Scanners is also a full point-of-sale system for your door admission fees.  Why let a doorman collect all of your cash at your front door and not keep it tracked?

IDetect collects and tracks all admission fees automatically upon the scan of an Entrants ID, creates an automatic transaction list that lists the entrant’s name, the amount of money tendered, the date and time of the transaction, the reason for the transaction, and the doorman’s name who did the transaction.

Entry fees can be set up in the system to change automatically depending on the time of entry, or the age group of the entrant.  IDetect also operates an automated Cash Drawer that opens only when a transaction has completed for complete security.  IDetect ID Scanners also has the option of printing receipts and special entry coupons upon a completed transaction.

Touch Screen Wallmount ID Scanners

IDetect Corporation has a complete line of id scanners, id scanning products and identification scanner peripherals. Please browse our on-line store and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We've been in the id scanner business a long time and have a complete line of the latest technology in id scanning products.

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