IDetect Edge Handheld ID and Passport (MRZ Using Scanner) Scanner

Price: $969.00

ID Scanner Product Description

The Edge Handheld ID and passport Scanner is extremely fast, accurate, and easy to use.  Very ruggedized; IP67 rated, able to be used in driving rain, dropped in dirt, or onto concrete from 8 feet up with no damage or change in performance.

If you want to include passport scanning with use of the built in camera to not only scan and process a passport but to also automatically save the picture of the passport, and the entrant picture from the passport into the system, please see options below. 

Scans and validates all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Military, and many other countries.  Up to 3 high definition pictures for each entrant, including the entrant, and license front and back.

Free Updates & Support!!

Includes charger, USB Cable, and PC software for optional data transfer.

Many accessories and options available, see below.

The Edge is also compact measuring 6.25" long, 2.95" wide, and 1" thick, and a 5.2 inch IPS 1080P Screen.  It has an entire host of accessories available, please check below.  The IDetect Handheld ID Scanning system scans two dimensional barcode then clearly displays easy to read full color icons on a large back light color display for OK or not, the patron's Name, Date of Birth, Age, Last Visit information, whether the entrant is banned or on a Watch List, and what level of VIP they are all within 1/10 of a second! It detects fake, tampered with, shared IDs, banned, VIP, as well as clearly showing whether the entrant is of age or not to enter.  Our products, office, and technical support are located in the USA, not overseas.

IDetect Handheld ID verification age scanner is ready to use out of the box.  It is incredibly easy to use, very fast, and very effective in stopping tampered with IDs, shared IDs, and entrants who are banned for any reason. It alerts the door people within 1/10 of a second whether an entrant is a threat in any way and directs the user on what action to take. IDetect ID Scanners keep an automated list of all pertinent records collected at the entrance which can be used to assist law enforcement in case of an altercation, or if a previous entrant needs to be found.

- Charging cradle (Included)
- Rugged Outer Boot with hand strap (Included)
- Extra Main Battery (Included in V2)
- Pistol Grip with additional 5200mAh battery
- Vehicle Charging Cradle
- 4 Battery Charging Cradle
- Holster with shoulder strap

Find My Scanner

Also Remote Locking, Data Delete And More

Notify anyone with a text message that someone of interest has been scanned by the Quantum Edge ID Scanner. Also includes push button alerts for the arrival of Fire Marshall, Liquor Authority, Press, Police, Sting Operation, or a fight has broken out. Quickly can alert a police officer looking for someone that they have arrived at your business.

Quickly displays answers to important questions that the correct ID holder would easily know, but not someone that is not the correct id owner.

Quickly stops banned, expired, shared (pass back), underage, expired membership (If membership feature is being used), and some fake ids.

Customer Loyalty via Visit Counter

Scans All 50 States, Passports, Mexican, Canadian, Military, and many others.

Occupancy Counter

Quantum Edge comes with the scanner able to quickly and accurately scan the MRZ code of the passport. Optionally the camera can scan the passport which also saves the customer’s picture from the passport, and the picture of the information page of the passport.

Trying to find a patron who has left but needs to be banned for future entry is not easy. With the Quantum Edge you are able to scroll through pictures of customers, or their ID to find them to either ban, make them a VIP, or tag them with any comment. Makes the banning process so much easier, and much more effective.

Non-cluttered easy to read and follow intuitive checkin screen displaying only information that is necessary. Includes audible, vibrate and visual directives making it incredibly easy to understand and effective.

Easily identify any customer that you are looking for with a clear picture of them, and the front and back of their ID. Also provides top notch diligence proof showing that every customer was scanned with data collected, and 3 pictures identifying each customer.

If you have a VIP room with limited capacity and need to know what customers are currently in that room then the Rooms feature will not only deny customers from entering when capacity has been met, but check customer out so new ones can go in. Also works great for College dormitories, or home communities when you need to keep record of where an entrant is going, and how many have gone there. Also works for liability when it is known who was at a destination room or household when an incident happens.

Connects to our CRM software automatically via wifi and uploads scanned customer lists, as well as downloads updates made to the customer database, including bans, vip, and comment tagging updates.

Auto Data Backup

Connect multiple scanner to share 1 database

Enhanced Data Privacy, Auto Delete, 7-day Purge, Specific Field Privacy.

Extensive Demographic and Visit Reports

Maintains customer memberships for all membership required establishments. Allows complete control of the type and specifications of multiple memberships, and turns into a point of sale system for when a client checks in and either does not have a membership, or has an expired membership and needs to purchase one.

Our Customer relationship management PC software is packed with reporting and contact features and allows you to search on any conceivable criteria, Our CRM software is included with the purchase of the Quantum Edge Handheld.

Whether it’s to add order #’s to your checkin process, print wristbands, include scanning automobile registration tags, signature capture, or memberships, the Quantum Edge is customizable to your needs for your business.

By having the customer sign the Quantum Edge screen after having their ID scanned it saves their signature with their scanned data and photos. If a liability waiver or age declaration form is displayed at the point of entry, this serves as the patron executing the agreement, and can be printed with all of their information when needed.

Give employees the level of permissions into the Quantum Edge Handheld that they are allowed. Give them permission to just scan IDs, but not to ban entrants, all the way up to accessing settings, and everything in between.

Vehicle Registration Scanning

Superior specifications mean it’s built to run fast, withstand drops and pouring rain, and easily last the entire time your business is open. Razor sharp images of the entrant and ID used makes it easy to find someone by viewing just pictures, and there is more than enough memory to hold all of your customers including 3 pictures for each.

Brand: IDetect


Without Passport:
UPC: 00868476000197
UPC: 860005863105

With Passport:
UPC: 860005863174
UPC: 860005863181

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in

Free Updates & Support

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