Membership-TrackingIDetect is also a full membership tracking system.  Many clubs are required to maintain valid memberships for all of the clients that enter their facility.  If you are one of these clubs then we do not have to tell you that this task is close to impossible without the correct system at your front door handling every aspect of it.

With IDetect, any or each entrant can be assigned a certain membership type that tracks expiration time, reduction in admission fees if any, the amount of visits allowed, and the amount paid for the membership.  When an entrant has their ID or VIP Membership card scanned in the IDetect ID Scanner, IDetect automatically checks if this entrant is a membership entrant, if so checks the expiration date, and the amount reduced off of the entry fee if applicable.

If the membership for this entrant has expired, then the IDetect Scanner will specify so then prompt the user to renew the entrant’s membership before they can enter.  This impossible task has now become manageable with IDetect ID Scanners.

ID Scanners are not about invasion of privacy,

                 Age Verification is about adhering to the law and public safety.

IDetect Corporation has a complete line of id scanners, id scanning products and identification scanner peripherals. Please browse our on-line store and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We've been in the id scanner business a long time and have a complete line of the latest technology in id scanning products.

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