(BUSINESS WIRE) – ABC NEWS in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (KSFY, broadcasted a news story on the effectiveness of the IDetect ID Scanners being used at a food mart which sells tobacco and alcohol.  Dave Grevlos, the owner of the Shop ‘N’ Cart in Sioux Falls was so impressed with our ID Scanners ability to quickly detect fake, tampered with, and underage ID’s that he demonstrated the device to the City Council of Sioux Falls South Dakota.

The mayor of Sioux Falls, Mike Huether was also impressed with capability of the IDetect ID Scanner, and urged all businesses to utilize this new technology to help crack down on underage alcohol  purchase and consumption.  The IDetect ID Scanner uses very easy to follow red or green lights giving easy directives to the checkout person whether it is ok or not to sell tobacco or alcohol to the patron.

The Shop 'N' Cart is just one of several businesses in Sioux Falls that has a liquor license but it has something that the others don't; a scanner that is helping clerks card consumers and prevent underage drinking. Shop 'N' Cart owner Dave Grevlos is really excited about this device that makes it easier for employees to card customers instead of being nervous about it.

The scanners make it easier for the clerks by determining if an ID card is a fake and also if the consumer is of age. In either scenario when purchasing your favorite beverage if your id is not valid red lights will flash alerting the clerk not to make the sale. Grevlos says they have had incidents of fake id's before and that it is hard enough to follow all our rules and regulations.

However with the scanner, even the best fake ID won't stand a chance! Grevlos brought his scanner before the city council to show them how easy it is for businesses to fight underage drinking. Mayor Mike Huether was impressed with the machine and urges all businesses to utilize the new technology to help them crack down underage consumption
Huether also addressed his policy is to not tolerate businesses that don't have control measures in place.
Grevlos says The technology makes it so simple and helps his employees follow the rules by taking the tough decision making process away from them. That technology is also keeping Grevlos, his employees, and Sioux Falls streets a little safer.

The KSFY’s correspondent also points out how the IDetect Age Verifier can also quickly find tampered IDs which takes a lot of pressure off of the store owner, and the store clerk in regards to fines and potential threats to their liquor license. “Fake IDs are getting harder and harder to spot” states Grevlos, “why not utilize a system from IDetect ID Scanners to quickly determine if an ID is fake or not and if the person buying alcohol or tobacco is allowed to do so.  This takes a lot of pressure off of my register clerks.”

Underage drinking accounts for a vast majority of accidents and deaths amongst the under 21 crowd and the blame is put back on the establishment that sold the liquor to the minor.  The scanners by IDetect Age Verifying Systems helps prevent this from happening in the first place.  Just like with all of the other IDetect ID Scanners, the IDetect Handheld ID Scanning systems can also take a picture of the entrant, the actual ID used, print a custom wristband for each entrant, charge admission fees as well as operate a Cash Drawer and/or Receipt Printer, accept and assign VIP cards, capture the signature of the entrant, and more.  All of the IDetect scanners can be used to alert users of a terrorist watch list match from a scanned ID, people who are using fake or tampered with IDs, and those who have a message associated with their ID.

The complete line of IDetect product ID Scanners patch a major security leak in any facility that requires age verification. With a simple swipe of any government issued ID, the user of the IDetect system quickly can determine whether the scanned ID is real, tempered with, part of a Watch List, or has a special directive associated with it.  The IDetect ID Scanner is very easy to use and proven to be highly effective.   IDetect’s ID Scanners capability has many innovative uses and is in practice all over North America and Canada.  The IDetect ID Scanners have already shown to be very useful for other markets such as bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, convenience stores, casinos, colleges, universities, festivals, hotels, corporate human resource departments, and special events.

IDetect ID Age scanners come ready to use out of the box.  They are easy to use, very fast, and very effective in stopping tampered with IDs, shared ID’s, and entrants who are banned for any reason.  They alert the door people within 1/4 of a second whether an entrant is a threat in any way and directs the user on what action to take.  IDetect ID Scanners keep an automated list of all pertinent records collected at the entrance which can be used to assist law enforcement in case of an altercation, or if a previous entrant needs to be found.

IDetect Age Verification ID Scanners full functionality have assisted in apprehending five separate perpetrators of various crimes throughout North America by utilizing IDetect’s exclusive entrant picture, and data collected from the ID Scan.  Automatically upon an identification scan, the entrant’s picture is automatically taken and saved with entry information, and then in one step the actual ID picture is taken and also saved.  The picture is clear, exact, and can be used to locate any individual in seconds.  It is fast, accurate, and protects the user from liability, fines, and liquor license and tobacco license revocation.  This feature, coupled with the automatic picture of the entrant, and the IDetect ID scanner’s time and date stamp entry history feature, is pertinent information that assists in leading an investigation.

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