About-IDetect-CorporationIDetect, Inc. first began in the night club industry in 1995 when there was an immediate need for mailing list automation. Subsequent to fulfilling this need we learned that along the process we were fulfilling another urgent need: Identification Verification and Entrance Security.

After a few additions and modifications, it became evident just how successful our technology had become for ID Scanning and Identification Verification. Not only did our client's liability insurance decrease, but perpetrators of crimes were being apprehended by law enforcement with the assistance of utilizing IDetect ID Scanning Systems.

Local courts began to recognize our system and began issuing abatement's of fines if that facility purchased and used our system. Soon after, we decided to perfect and expand our line of ID Scanners in the ID Verification and ID Security industry.

If the high price of Liability insurance has you considering pay toilets just to cover the cost,
there is a way to get it lowered so your patrons don't need a change machine just to make a pit stop!

IDetect ID scanner is the machine that does just that. Recognized as the top ID scanning systems, it has lowered the liability insurance for many of its clients worldwide. Not only does it quickly signal fake or tampered with IDs, or someone that is underage, but also takes a picture of the entrant and stores it with their demographic and historic information all in less than a second.

The picture feature that IDetect has invented is the only one of its kind. The best part is that it happens seamlessly without any extra action by the doorman. Upon the scan of an ID, or even entry of a non-scannable ID, the picture is taken automatically. We saw the need to have a picture of each entrant for banning purposes. If someone is getting kicked out of a club, there is very little chance he will give up his name or ID. With the picture stored in our system, he can easily be found and banned for future entry.

IDetect did not stop there; the systems can also print out custom ID bracelets only for of age approved entrants, operates a cash drawer while handling all funds collected at the entrance, obtains email addresses automatically, produces a variety of printable traffic reports, and changes the admission fee automatically depending on time of entry or age group.  The ID bracelets contain information about the entrant so they can be spot checked; they even have a barcode so that it can be scanned to reference the entrant and their picture. The wristband also has a matching sequence number to deter doormen from unauthorized handouts.

Law enforcement and Liquor Control Boards around the world endorse IDetect, and continue to do so for establishments that are looking to completely protect their liquor license and stop fines.

With all of these powerful features contained in our systems, you may be thinking, but I do not need all of that power, just a limited amount.  Not to worry, IDetect has answered that as well.

All of our system features are easily turned on and off upon your discretion.

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