Why-Choose-IDetectIDetect has been in business for over 26 years buiding ID scanners from the ground up for one purpose; to protect your liquor license and manage your patrons in a fast, easy, and effective manner.  We have been chosen over all other products on the market by the FBI, The US Secret Service, Dominion Power, BJ's Wholesale, Andrews Air force Base, New York State Probation, Wynn Las Vegas, Boyd Gaming, ACE Michigan, ACE INternational, Prosight Specialty Insurance, and thousands of other venues accross the world.

If you have hardware from another company that does not utilize all of the functions of that hardware, IDetect's software can be installed so that all of the scanner's functions can now be used to its full potential.

 Company/Product Hightlights

Our ID scanning technology is the fastest in the industry with 1/4 second scans, and 5-10 second OCR recognition (Passports).  We have been in business since 1989, and have the largest client base of any ID scanning product on the market.

We are located in the USA.

We have the ability to scan over 5000 different types of IDs including the USA, Canada, Military, Mexican, Passports, Visas, and many more.

IDetect has the only fully automated new ID format updating process which eliminates stress.

Key Functionality

  • All IDetect ID Scanners stop under age, banned, expired, and fake IDs.
  • Stops fines, and chargebacks, as well as provides evidence for any legal action.
  • Our technology immediately cross references for other IDs a patron used maintaining ban status.
  • We have the only Handheld on the market that can scan and validate a passport.
  • Automated text broadcast to any and as many cell phones for certain entry levels reached, banned entrant arrival, VIP arrival, fight, police, fire department, liquor control board arrival, or for any conceivable reason.
  • Our Handheld comes with a full line of optional peripherals including a charging docking station, 4 port battery charging stations, and holsters.
  • Optional entrant banned flagged from other facilities via the IDetect Cloud Network.
  • Optional automatic wristband printing for each allowed entrant with their pertinent information including barcode to quickly reference them for banning purposes, or VIP room access.
  • Collects and tracks all admission fees with optional cash drawer and receipt printer functionality.
  • Automated email address and phone number collection to perform text blasts/email campaigns to previous entrants.
  • VIP card creation (Proven to bring previous entrants back to your facility), VIP function, and guest tracking.
  • Automated birthday, and/or entry number rewards with automatic coupon printing and full tracking.
  • Our ID Scanners have proven to build positive relationships with law enforcement, liquor control boards, patrons, and other facilities.
  • IDetect has NO MANDATORY MONTHLY or ANNUAL FEES.  Optional IDetect Shared Ban Cloud fees are negotiable depending on volume.

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