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If you want your Bartenders to concentrate on serving drinks and not on doing math to figure out a patrons age then let IDetect ID Scanner LITE take care of it. Our ID Scanner LITE system scans two dimensional barcode and Mag strip IDs then clearly displays the patrons Name, Date of Birth, Age, whether the entrant is banned, and what level of VIP they are all on a back light screen. It detects fake, tampered with, shared ID's, banned, VIP, as well as clearly showing YES/NO for tobacco and alcohol sales. Small in size, only 3 x 5.

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Lite ID Scanners

Inexpensive Extremely rugged (No touch screen to break!) ID scanner which displays the Age, Date Of Birth, OK or not to serve Tobacco and Alcohol. Simple and to the point yet comes with the backing of the IDetect ID Scanner team.

Price: $ 695.00


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Custom VIP Cards

Our Custom VIP Cards are printed with your full color logo and text. They are given to entrants to carry with them, and are scanned when they enter to reference their information and picture in our systems.

Price: $ 0.85

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