IDetect Handheld Edge Table Top/Wall Security Stand

Price: $149.00

ID Scanner Product Description

Keep your Edge Handheld secure in our locking Security Stand while scanning IDs, Passports, Passport ID Cards, Global Entry Cards, and many other types of documents all while the Edge Handheld stays secure in the stand.  Our security stand allows scanning with scanner right side up, or upside down for ease of use.  Includes optional rotating base.

Once the connecting plate has fixed to the back of the Edge Handheld you slide it on to the Security stand. The first security measure is an integrated keyed cylinder lock that secures the device on the Stand. The second is securing the Stand itself to the counter top or wall with the adhesive or screw base.

IDetect Security Stand Includes:
*Quick Lock Stand
*2 Keys
*Adhesive Plate
*Swivel Base

Length: 5.21” / 132.34mm
Width: 3.75” / 95.3mm
Height: 3.98” / 101mm

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in

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