There are several types of ID Scanners on the market. We are addressing the ID Scanner that determines the age, validity, and other pertinent information on a presented ID card, Driver’s License, or Passport. An ID scanner is an electronic identification scanner device capable of reading data stored on several bar code, and MRZ identification cards such as Passports, Driving Licenses, and Registration Cards. ID scanners are mostly used in bars, casinos, liquor stores and night clubs. There are several states in compliance with mandatory ID Scanner use.

Features of a good ID scanner.

  1. Scanning process is very fast and accurate.
  2. Picture taking capability to prove diligence and have visual records.
  3. Record storing and historic reporting capabilities.
  4. Ability to scan and process a majority of ID’s from around the world.

ID scanners are capable of reading different types of bar codes, MRZ Codes, and OCR, and convert them into meaningful information. An ID card scanner may have a barcode reader, a magnetic stripe reader, or both. There are many types of ID scanners on the market today based on their features and uses. We have bar ID scanners, club ID scanners, Age verification scanners, etc.

A bar id scanner is a type of ID scanner usually used at bars. A bar ID scanner can be used to check the authenticity, and read the age on Passports, Driving Licenses, Registration Cards, PAN cards, etc. Bar and night clubs use this ID scanner to prevent minors from gaining access to their facilities. Underage drinking is prohibited everywhere in the world so bar owners are advised to own a bar ID scanner. Using an id scanner at a bar eliminates the need for the security to predict an individual's age, and id validity just by looking at them.  A bar id scanner can also be used to check for the expiration date of the ID.

Procedures to follow when using a bar ID scanner

  1. Scan the ID with the scanner.
  2. Check the information received from the card on the screen.
  3. A red ‘X’ is shown if the ID is under age, expired, or banned.
  4. The scanner returns back to the starting page after the ID has been processed.

An age verification scanner is a type of scanner used mainly with the purpose of verifying the age and validity of an ID owner. A bar ID scanner can also be regarded as an Age verification scanner. Age verification scanners are used by club owners, liquor sellers and even law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies use age verification scanners to scan passports or driving license of suspected underage drinkers, or fake ID holders.

A good ID scanner should have a capacity of storing over 200,000 records. This is useful for keeping records of customers.




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