ID Scanners Articles Sample-ID-Scanner-Drivers-LicenseIn an attempt to combat the use of false identification in alcohol and tobacco purchases, the Department of Public Safety is encouraging businesses where age verification is required, to implement an identification scanner that would make fake IDs useless.

The device, IDetect's ID Scanner, reads the id scanner barcode and id scanner magnetic strip on the back of a driver's license or ID scanner information to obtain information such as the driver's license number, the license expiration date and the birth date of the driver and much more.

Law enforcement says the scanners would help cut down on underage alcohol consumption. The number of minors purchasing alcohol by illegal means would be reduced because illegally manufactured IDs would be picked up by the scanner. It is impossible to imitate an ID, although with new computer equipment and color printers, many people are getting by with institutions that do not use ID Verification state of the art tools. IDetect's ID Scanners would be an effective way to neutralize technological developments that make it easier to create fake IDs. ID Scanning with IDetect ID Scanners not only stops fake and tampered with IDs right at your door or point of purchase, but IDetect ID scanners also keep all historic and demographic information for each entrant or patron, so that if law enforcement or the ABC/LCB has any questions, you now have all information for them to prove you did your diligence. Used with our pioneered automatic picture taking feature, IDetect ID scanner will stop fines all together!

According to an article in the New York Times, ID Scanning devices are becoming a prevalent fixture at many alcohol distributors. There are many reasons you might need to know the true age of customers who are frequenting your business. Maybe you run a nightclub or alcohol serving establishment and by law, can only serve customers or allow admittance to your establishment to potential customers over the age of 21. Or you could own a shop that sells cigarettes, or a restaurant that serves alcohol and cigarettes.

Whatever the reason you need to verify a person's age, you know that it is important to do so. As a conscientious business owner you don't want to sell to minors, and the fines and penalties can be heavy if you are caught. But checking the identification of every patron and doing the math to make sure they are the right age can be time consuming. That's where IDetect's ID Scanner products for age verification comes in. Our ID Scanners for age verification looks like a credit card scanner. The device reads the barcode or magnetic strip that is built into the patron's driver's license or state identification card in less than a second.

When you swipe their identification card, you will be told immediately if this person is the proper age to buy tobacco or alcohol or for whatever other reason you might need to know their age. This eliminates the need for someone to physically examine the identification card and makes it quick and easy for you to grant access to people who are of age. Electronic age verification equipment can be obtained by IDetect corporation. It is no more difficult to use an ID scanner than one of those devices that swipe a credit card, so you can start using the ID scanner age verification system in your business with minimal staff training, immediately.

A study from Brandeis University looked at the effectiveness of using electronic ID Scanner age verification hardware and found that customers were comfortable with swiping their IDs. Staff who used the equipment said they were generally happy with its ease of use. Getting into the habit of using the ID scanner seemed to be the biggest problem, but once you get used to having the ID scanners available you will use it often, since it is a simple method of verifying age.




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