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IDetect ID Scanner LITE Barcode/MSR ID Scanners Tough Low Cost Mobile Corporate / University / ID Verification and Driver License Age Verifier. IDetect, Inc. releases its new IDetect LITE ID Scanner Age Verification scanner, a low cost, ruggedized, easy to use portable 3D barcode reader and magnetic strip reader for college id, student id, drivers license id, and corporate id applications.

IDetect ID scanners existing technology included in the IDetect Wall Mount ID Scanner License Scanner and the IDetect Handheld ID Scanner is the back bone of the new IDetect LITE ID Scanner system. IDetect ID Validation Systems have been successfully utilized for more than 15 years in night clubs, universities, casinos, military bases, office buildings, rental car agencies, festivals, banks, and liquor stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

IDetect Age Verification ID Scanners full functionality have assisted in apprehending five separate perpetrators of various crimes throughout North America by utilizing IDetect exclusive entrant picture feature. Automatically upon an identification scan, the entrant picture is automatically taken and saved with entry information. The picture is clear, exact, and can be used to locate any individual in seconds.

IDetect exclusive License picture function also takes a picture of an ID that is not able to be scanned. It is fast, accurate, and protects the user from fines, and liquor license and tobacco license revocation. This feature, coupled with the automatic picture of the entrant, and the IDetect ID scanner time and date stamp entry history feature, is a strong defense and proof of diligence against fines and state authority investigations. IDetect Drivers License ID Scanners also flag an ID that is fake, tampered with, shared with another entrant, or banned for any reason, all in less than a second.




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