ID Scanners ArticlesFBISealABC NEWS in New York covers the effectiveness of IDetect ID Scanners performance for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI has completed their implementation and installation of high end security utilizing IDetect ID Scanners throughout the visitors center of the United States of America. After several months of extensive research and testing of all considered identification scanners available on the market, the id scanner system of choice was IDetect ID Scanning systems. Mr. Derek Fuller of the Federal Bureau of Investigation participated in their research project and has personally evaluated and met with all potential Identification Scanning System vendors of the United States of America.

Upon completion of evaluation and meeting with IDetect ID Scanning Systems of the USA, Mr. Fuller was very impressed with the test results of their evaluation and determined IDetect their ID Scanning System of choice.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken the time and effort to perform its due diligence with regard to testing the performance and features of all ID Scanners on the market. IDetect ID Scanners have exceeded their expectations which determined their ID Scanning System of Choice to be IDetect Identification Scanning Systems. As of this writing the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America has implemented the IDetect ID Scanning System at FBI Visitor Centers and FBI Police locations throughout the United States of America.

Upon the general public entering the center each entrant will have their own FBI Government Issued ID Scanner Identification ID, scanned and validated and processed, all by IDetect ID Scanning Systems. In addition to their Identification being id scanned and validated, each processed id scan will also be compared to the FBI terrorist watch list and immediately flagged on the IDetect ID Scanning System monitor screen. This functionality is unique to the family of IDetect ID Scanning Systems Products. This is one of several reasons the FBI has chosen IDetect ID Scanners to be their product of choice when it comes to id scanning and processing identification cards.

The IDetect ID Scanner family of products utilize a user friendly easy to follow graphical color screen which displays easy to understand prompts and optional audible signals giving easy, fast and prompt directives to the FBI Police force to determine if the entrant possess a valid id, fake id, or tampered Identification card, or possibly appearing on the terrorist watch list; all in less than 1/4 of a second. False Identification cards or Fake IDs are getting virtually impossible to determine their authenticity.

Utilizing any IDetect ID Scanner from our family of ID Scanning products will quickly and accurately determine if an Identification is fake, tampered or simply not the person presenting it. This alleviates the FBI responsibility of determining the authenticity of any Identification card and allows them to focus on other aspects of their duties.

Our complete line of ID Scanning Products have several features and optional peripherals to enhance the productivity and performance of tracking civilians and/or entrants who are presenting false identification cards. Our ID Scanner product line can take a picture of the entrant, compare the actual ID used, print a custom wristband for each entrant, charge admission fees as well as operate a Cash Drawer and/or Receipt Printer, accept and assign VIP cards, capture the signature of the entrant, and much more. IDetect ID Scanners can be utilized to alert you of a terrorist watch list match from a scanned Id or people who are using fake or tampered with IDs, as well as those who have a universal message associated with their Identification.

Our complete line of id scanning products can and will resolve any security leak the FBI or any establishment may be experiencing. The IDetect ID Scanner is very easy to use and proven to be highly effective. IDetect’s ID Scanners capability has many innovative features and is in use all over North America and Canada. The IDetect ID Scanners have already shown their usefulness for other markets such as bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, convenience stores, casinos, colleges, universities, festivals, hotels, corporate human resource departments, special events and more!

IDetect ID Age scanners are user friendly and ready to use out of the box. They are fast, innovative and effective in stopping tampered with IDs, shared ID’s, and entrants who are banned for any reason. They alert security people within 1/4 of a second whether an entrant is a threat in any way and directs the user on suggested action. IDetect ID Scanners keep an automated list of all pertinent records collected at the entrance which can be used to assist law enforcement in case of an altercation, or if a previous entrant needs to be located.

IDetect Age Verification ID Scanners functionality have assisted in apprehending numerous perpetrators of various crimes throughout North America by utilizing IDetect’s exclusive entrant picture, and data collection id scanner system. IDetect ID Scanners automatically take a snapshot of the entrant and saved with entry information for evaluation and/or future reference.




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