StopFAKE™ Add On Feature

Price: $1,195.00

ID Scanner Product Description

The IDetect StopFAKEis an add on to the Touch or Connex All In One ID Scanner and will allow them to do our 55 point forensic internal check and report back to the user whether the id is fake or not.

The StopFAKEFeature will find and stop even the best fake IDs from ID Chief and those from China and the Philippines.

Please make sure to watch the demonstration of this system in the Product Videos tab above.

Comes with free license database updates for one (1) year.

If adding on to the Connex All In One ID Scanner, please make sure your PC computer, laptop, or tablet has at least 8 GB or RAM, Intel I5 or better (Or similar), 1 TB HD.

Product Video

STOPFake™ with All In One ID Scanner

STOPFake™ with Passport Reader PLUS

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