Touch/Connex Guest Badge Printer (Badges Expire Chemically in 12 hours)

Price: $495.00

ID Scanner Product Description

Our ID Scanner Badge Printer produces a custom 12 hour expiring badge that will read STOP on the badge once expired.  A badge is automatically printed for each entrant that is allowed to enter the facility (Using a real ID, not expired, not banned, etc.).  Each badge contains the entrants information, including their picture (if the entrant picture option is being used), so that they can be easily identified with one quick look at their badge.  After 12 hours the red stop sign shows on their badge so they they can easily be identified as expired and no longer allowed on premises.

The IDetect Guest Badge Printer does not use ink so never has to be refilled.

The IDetect Custom Guest Badge Printer works with all of our Connex, Touch, and Handheld ID Scanners.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9.4 × 5 × 6.1 in

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