ID Scanner Custom Wristbands

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ID Scanner Product Description

Pricing is based on an order of 120 rolls or more.  For a lesser quantity please call for pricing.

(Per Roll of 250) Works with the IDetect wristband printer. When an entrant comes in, a custom wristband is quickly printed for the entrant to wear. If the wristband is removed, it is designed to destroy so that it can not be used again. The wristband is printed with the entrant's name, ID number, Height, Date of birth, Age, Date and time of printing, who printed it, the clubs name, address and telephone number, and a barcode that can be scanned to reference this patron in the IDetect system.  All print on the wristband is waterproof so will not smear.  The information on the wristband is selectable so can appear on the wrist band or not.  If an entrant is wearing a wristband, it is proof that they were processed through IDetect. This keeps the law enforcement and the people who like to take away your liquor license at bay. If you are using IDetect to collect admission fees, it verifies that everyone wearing a wristband had to pay otherwise they would not get a custom wristband printed by IDetect.  The wrist bands are made of waterproof tyvek.

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